News Agencies and Blogs – use news now to filter all agencies based on key search topics. - Also worth checking for Israeli reporting on KRG region  (KDP Affiliated) (KDP Affiliated) (PUK Affiliated) (Claims to be independent)  Christian based charity operating in Iraqi Kurdistan blogging on humanitarian issues in the region. Kurdish Human Rights Project Kurdish Photo Library Records the violent deaths in Iraq since the 2003 military intervention in Iraq.


Kurdish Studies Network

Academic, professional network of Kurdish Studies, additionally publishes a peer reviewed journal.

Kurdish Studies Association


Institute Kurde de Paris


Political Party Websites The Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan (PDKI) – Political party page, Mahabad (In Sorani) (In Sorani – splinter group or KDP) ( In Sorani – Assyrian Political Party in Iraqi Kurdistan) (Islamic Movement Iraqi Kurdistan – In Sorani) ( In English) ( In English) (In English) ( In English) ( In English)

Leading Think Tanks

US Based - Human Rights Watch Womens Right’s in the Middle East Council on Foreign Relations Center for Strategic & International Studies Carnegie Endowment International Peace (Specializes in Foreign Policy) Asia focused but will cover commentary around the world eg China’s relations with


European Based  French Institute of International Relations ( In English)  (Moscow based) Royal United Services Institute - London

Middle East Based (based in Jordan – English site linked) (Qatar Based) (Erbil Based)


Energy – Middle East